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Law of concurrence is a branch of law which is a group of norms that are regulating rights and oblations of market players in a market game. Communication and quality are basic instruments for steering and controlling and reiterating peoples, individuals and groups in organization. When managers are working, they are gathering information’s about organization, current status of organization , and announcing new structure to others. Today we cannot imagine quality and business success whit out effective communication. Communication is a tool whit whom we are persevering, notifying and leading individuals towards group goal. Control of human resources is today replaced whit quality management. Main excellence of control is review and summery of progress in comparison of a goal, and main point of control is making a score better. Control is active element for ratifying deviations from results that are propound. Control begins by locating goals and standards of work. When control is not applying properly, is not possible to make a progress for triggering personnel potential. Organization control is a frame of every organization ambient. She evolves in a process of socially interaction of members and thru maintaining organization as whole.


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