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According to theories of direct foreign investment and examples in practice, using the instructions normative and historical methods, the paper analyzes the tyranny and execution Foreign direct investment for the economies of countries in which we invest, especially to accent agriculture. Praise of foreign direct investment (FDI) in countries like Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia and the like, there are many, especially where attention is drawn praise scientists transparent biography. However, the real state of the economy of countries where FDI meet to flourish (Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Egypt, Croatia, Serbia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Thailand and others) that have the special joy of their corrupt government, swallow pills "structurally adjustment", "macroeconomic stability and competitiveness", "trade liberalization", as prescribed by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, reveals the true face of the FDI's. Relentless search for the lowest wages, to say the least (preferably criminal) rules and cheapest resource to achieve extra profits, many are called "race to the bottom", where "government employees and compete for jobs with other employers and other countries, and is based competition on the following: Who will work for less money? Who will agree to part-time? Who will deny sanitary insurance and regulations on safety? Who will let him throw toxic waste into the courtyard? " The famous Nobel J. Stiglitz staying in Belgrade, when asked, what he thinks of foreign direct investments, publicly, on TV Serbia, he replied "Foreign direct investments are welcome to the host country is by no means resembles unless they are in the function of transferring knowledge and experience -temporarily, citing the example of oil in Indonesia.


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