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Experience shows that the question of whether or not to introduce a hypothesis is most vital in methodology, but special importance is assigned to its conceptual definition: how it originates and is discovered, its functionality, classification, and structure, and the derivation of the hypothesis and its indicators. In methodology exists an understanding that the hypothesis role is not important, but necessary for elaborate subjects of research and is a basic term that is usually expected from a PhD thesis title. It is an issue regarding whether it is possible to conduct research without the pursuance of a hypothesis, which requires the additional effort of researcher to formulate said hypothesis and adjust the paper to its operational determination of the subject of the research. There is a second opinion based on the fact that hypotheses make up the research process framework, and suggests the other elements of the research goal are not as important. This understanding directly promotes a methodology built solely on a system of hypotheses and indicators as a sufficient road to project realization. The research goal of this paper is to determine the importance of creating hypotheses with all their necessary scientific attributes by using a comparative analysis between the two above-mentioned scientific research approaches.


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