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Today’s dynamic business environment defines the conditions in the direction of creating a high degree of flexibility Changes are obvious, but so fast that they require the definition of policies that are only currently effective and that must constantly adapt to changing demands of environment.Insight into the factors that make buisness envirionment of organization, highlights the progressive improvement of tecnologies and their application particulry in the field of promoting communication .Also, we are conforted with changes in the value system of customers, and with the need for developing good, long-termed relationships with them. Integration of current techologies that we can no longer say that they are new , has become imperativ for all participants who wish to compete in the global market. In these activities, special emphasis should be put on attraction of new customers and maintaining good relation with the existing ones. Therefore, ranges of available information technologies should be maximized in creating an efficient communication with customers, but also with all other participants in the market. In a competitive market, what is today, one of the potential market opportunities is precisely the use of modern information technology to improve overall operations, especially communications relationships with customers, which will be discussed in this paper


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