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Strategic intent is one of the three essential elements of strategy formulation process. Strategic intent interacts with strategic assessment and strategic choice in the thinking process from which strategies emerge. Strategic intent is particularly concerned with the purpose of the enterprise and hence the ends of strategies. Strategic intent may be seen as the apex of pyramide of purpose. Strategic intent describes what the enterprise means to become in the future. Strategic intent will outline the unique vision of the enterprise in the future and set goals to be achieved. The strategy formulation process, leaders, stakeholders, and contex all influence strategic intent. Strategic intent depends on differening aspirations of stakeholder groups, particularly the most powreful. Strategic intent may also be influenced by the history of the enterprise and its ownership structure. The strategy formulation process must concern itself with the fundamental purposes for witch the enterprise exists. The purposes nearly always include the need for survival and to make a profit. Most business also aim for growth and to provide their shareholders with value. Great enterprises need a greater strategic intent than just making money.


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