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The present study demonstrates the reasons for the foundation of tea plantations and conditions of their cultivation. The limitations and negative consequences of cultivation of tea plants along with the ideas for their minimization are shown. Plantations were created to optimize the harvest. However, it has been found that they negatively influence local ecosystems. The global demand for tea leaves is constantly growing. Due to the specific climate requirements of tea plants and progressive climate changes, the arable land area suitable for their cultivation is constantly decreasing. New solutions should be implemented as soon as possible, ensuring a constant supply of raw material. Otherwise, in the next few years tea may become a luxury product. FAO has presented the activities that could reduce the losses. At the moment, the best solution might be to change crop types and diversify sources of raw material. It is also highlighted that there is a need to carry out research aiming at developing varieties of Camella sinensis with lower climate requirements.


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