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The study examined the level of utilisation of modern processing technology among the Shea butter processors in Kwara State. Purposive sampling techniques was used to select Agricultural zones A and C as well as Kaima and Baruteen LGAs from Zone A while random sampling techniques was used to select Ilorin West and Moro L.G.As from Zone C. Thirty respondents were randomly selected from each of the selected LGAs to give a sample size of 120 respondents. .Interview schedule was used to collect the data which were analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics. The results revealed that 88.3% of the respondents were female, 47.0% were between 40 and 50 years of age, married (86.6%), having low level of education (83.1%) and 1-10 years of experience (52.8%). The main source of information was the radio (96.6%). Level of awareness of modern processing technology was high (55.0%), with screw hydraulic (54.2%) being the most available technology while miller (54.3%) and roaster (53.3%) were the most utilised technologies. Generally, the level of utilisation of modern processing technology was low (53.8). The respondents identified lack of regular power supply (97.5%), lack of government support (75.7) and inadequate finance (72.9) as constraints. There was significant relationship between respondent’s level of education (χ²=25.65, p=0.01), level of production (r=0.772, p=0.028), years of experience (r=0.951, p=-0.009), constraints (r=0.724, p=-0.034) and their level of utilisation. Government should provide rural infrastructures such as stable source of electricity, credit facility and good road in the study area as well as training on how to use and maintain the equipment.


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