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Corporate Social responsibility is the ability of organisations to give back to the society through mutually beneficial initiatives to guarantee a conflict-free co-existence. Consequently, this study was carried out to assess the impact of corporate social responsibility of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi on its host communities. Snowball sampling technique was used to select 100 respondents for the study. Data were analyzed using frequencies, percentages and paired sample t-test methods. The results revealed that employment opportunities, agricultural innovations, extension services (adopted villages), electricity and water were the specific social responsibilities carried within the host communities. . The result of the Chi square statistic (20.967) at 5 percent level of probability showed that the projects had little positive impact on the means of livelihood of her host communities. It was concluded that the Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of FUAM in the host communities were inadequate, hence the occasional disturbance by youths. It was recommended that the university should embark on more CSR Projects in the host communities.


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