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Purpose. Purpose of the article is to summarize theoretical foundations of the study of the nature and content of economic relations between participants of the agri-food market for livestock products, expanding and adding the classification of relationship types and justifying their modern transformation. Methodology / approach. The theoretical and methodological basis of the research is the dialectical method of knowledge of economic processes, the fundamental provisions of modern economic theory, scientific works domestic and foreign scientists on economic relations between participants of the agri-food market for livestock products. A systematic approach, methods of generalization, induction, deduction, analysis, synthesis and comparison were used to achieve this purpose. Results. As a result of the study knowledge about special aspects of transformation of economic relations under the influence of changing economic processes in a dynamic space was expanded. Such processes include as follows: development of integration of theory into practice, process of state regulation of the market, development of human capital, agrarian relations and integration processes. Transformation of economic relations, in its turn, has the opposite effect on the space change. Classification of economic relations by highlighting certain criteria was also generalized. Originality / scientific novelty. The scientific novelty consists in clarifying the categories «economic relations between participants of the market for livestock products» and «economic space». Under the first category we mean the interaction and interdependence of participants in these relations, arising in the process of manufacture, processing and sale of livestock products and aimed at meeting the needs of participants through satisfaction of their interests; under the second category we mean a set of economic processes and business entities connected by a single institutional structure and information field related to formation of the results of economic activity. Practical value / implications. Practical significance involves specification of offers to agricultural manufacturers, namely, regarding the staged actions related to state registration of households of population as subjects of self-employment. Then integrate them into the agriculture and food market. The purpose of the proposed organizational changes is the establishment of vertical, formal, long-term, regular (sustainable), mutually beneficial and reliable inter-industry relations, which are driven by the technological aspects of livestock products. Taking the proposed actions will help to change the direction of economic relations between the market participants.


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