Using the DM model is not complex: the user changes input values of interest (plant size,conversion rates, etc.) and examines the effect of these changes on output values (annual profits,feed stock requirements, etc.). There are nine worksheets in four modules in the excel workbook: assumptions, process, economics, and technology assessment. All user inputs are entered in the assumptions module of the model, which consists of three worksheets denoted with bright yellow tabs: process assumptions, economic assumptions and physical assumptions.The values that are entered on this page are then used in each of the subsequent modules to calculate hourly flow rates,equipment size and cost, total costs, loan terms, and annual profits. At the top of each page is a title bar which describes the page, the color coding of the cells, and pertinent information from the other pages. Before each of the pages is discussed, an explanation of the different types of cells in the model is in order.


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