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The second half of the 20th century brought breakthroughs in the field of science and technology, which significantly affected not only the growth of labour productivity and economic growth, but also brought changes in industrial structures and changes in share of individual industries in GDP. Even more strikingly, these changes have been reflected in the stock market, with leading companies from the field of information technology, which affect the flow and processing of information in revolutionary way. The onset of so-called internet economy at the beginning of the 1990s significantly changes also the structure of stock indices. Business services lure investors particularly into the area of financial services, which also show high degree of appreciation of the investment. New phenomenon nowadays is and expected changes in industrial structures not only in GDP, but also in the structure of stock markets will be brought by new phase of industrial revolution Industry 4.0. The aim of this paper is to quantify and analyse the current state and position of individual industries in the structure of GDP and stock indices and to outline new tendencies and to predict changes in these indicators with regards to the realization of 4th phase of industrial revolution.


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