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Due to the quick development of e-commerce, more and more consumers have accepted food consumption with different e-commerce modes as a part of their daily lives. In recent years, a new e-commerce mode- New Retail is starting to appear across the world. This study examined the impacts of food choice motives and socio-demographic characteristics on consumer food choice with the New Retail e-commerce mode. It also explored consumer preferences of specific food categories for the New Retail food consumption. An online survey was administered with 435 participants from three Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Results of linear regression analyses indicated that the New Retail food consumption was significantly associated with the following food choice motives and socio-demographic characteristics: Taste appeal, Quality concern, Others’ reviews, Discount, Gender, Household size, Age, Income, Occupation and Marital status. Meanwhile Live aquatic product and Fresh fruit were the most frequently consumed food categories with the New Retail mode by consumers. The findings can help food producers and policy-makers to develop effective marketing strategies and promotion policies for their products to meet the consumer needs in e-commerce age.


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