Effects of Compound Plant Extract on Growth Performance of Sujiang Pigs

The experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of compound plant extract on the growth performance and economic benefits of Sujiang pigs during the fattening period. A total of 50 Sujiang pigs, weighing about 60 kg (there were no significant differences in the weight of the pigs), were selected. They were randomly and evenly divided into five groups: control group, A group, B group, C group and D group. The pigs in the control group were fed basal diet. For the pigs in the A, B, C and D groups, per kg of basal diet was added with 100, 200, 300 and 400 mg of compound plant extract, respectively. The experimental duration was 44 d. The results showed that in the treatment groups, the average daily weight gains were 15.57%, 20.68%, 17.95% and 7.31%, respectively higher than that of the control group, the feed-gain ratios were 13.29%, 16.92%, 15.11% and 11.48%, respectively lower than that of the control group (P>0.05), and the economic benefits were 62.65, 83.23, 72.50 and 42.11 yuan, respectively higher than that of the control group. In conclusion, the addition of compound plant extract in the basal diet of Sujiang pigs during fattening period can improve the economic benefit, and the economic benefit is best when the addition amount is 200 mg/kg.

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Nov 20 2018
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Journal Article
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Asian Agricultural Research, 10, 11
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