Current Situations and Problems of Investment in Agricultural Capital Construction from the Perspective of Investment of Different Ministries and Commissions and Recommendations

Investment in agricultural capital construction is an important factor in improving China's agricultural productivity and international competitiveness. In recent years, the attention to the investment in agricultural capital construction has been lifted to a strategic height. However, there is still little research on the investment in agricultural capital construction. From the perspective of investment of different ministries and commissions, this paper systematically analyzed current situations, problems, and came up with recommendations for the investment in the agricultural capital construction. According to the results, (i) from 1983 to the present, China's investment in agricultural capital construction experienced three stages. Especially after 2010, the scale of investment in agricultural capital construction was huge, and it showed a rapid increasing trend; (ii) the investment in agricultural capital construction is characterized by “multi-sector investment, different departments having different investment priorities and investment scale in different periods”; (iii) some investment projects are overlapping between departments, local areas are weak in providing support funds, project construction standard is single, and there are problems of attaching importance to the application, belittling the management, stressing the construction, belittling the maintenance, and serious brain drain; (iv) different departments have accumulated certain experience in long-term exploration. For example, they pay more attention to the refinement and differentiation of projects, focus on the development of targeted poverty alleviation, pay more attention to the “quality” of investment, and pay more attention to the transformation of agricultural production methods. Based on current situations and problems, it came up with recommendations including promoting the integration of funds for investment and project integration, strengthening the personnel cultivation, ensuring simultaneous construction and management of projects, stressing the maintenance after project construction, exploring new modes for project design, management, investment, and financing, and enhancing the support for special investment projects.

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May 20 2018
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Journal Article
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Asian Agricultural Research, 10, 05
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