Research of Protected Cultivation Techniques of Toona sinensis on Mountain Slopes

In order to prolong the supply period and increase the economic value of Toona sinensis, the protected cultivation of T. sinensis was carried out on mountainous slope to achieve stagger-season planting and the year round supply. The results showed that in late October to mid-November, the temperature was moderate (1-10℃) and suitable for the lifting of seedlings and temporary planting dormancy. The line spacing of rooted seedlings in greenhouse was (22-24) cm × (4-5) cm and planting density was 900 000-1 200 000 seedlings/ha. The line spacing of seedlings was (14-13) cm ×( 3-4 ) cm and planting density was 1 950 000-2 100 000 seedlings/ha. T. sinensis began to sprout at 8-10℃ and stretch at 10-12℃. When the temperature was stable at 14℃ or above, T. sinensis started bolting and emerging leaves. The terminal buds sprouted in 40-50 d for the T. sinensis planted in greenhouse with the day temperature of 15-22℃ and night temperature over 10℃; the terminal buds sprouted in about 15 d for those planted in the greenhouse with day temperature of 20-25℃and night temperature over 10℃. T. sinensis could be picked 3 times when planted in greenhouse, and the yield was about 24 720 kg/ha.

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Mar 20 2018
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Journal Article
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Asian Agricultural Research, 10, 03
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