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The aim of the paper is to compare the level of organic farming development (selected indicators - ecological land area, number of organic farmers, average area of organic farm, bioproducts consumption) in Slovakia and in the EU. Identification of problems in organic farming development is also a part of the paper. Slovakia reached level of 140 thousand hectares of ecological land area in 2008 (about 8% of agricultural land area - 15th place in the EU). Since 2011 we predict the decrease of the ecological land area to the level of 95 thousand hectares. The number of organic farmers is another important indicator of organic farming development (Slovakia takes 23rd place in the EU). A comparison by average area of organic farm and by percentage share of organic land is also very interesting. Slovakia represents the extreme because of a relatively high percentage share of organic land, but average area of a farm is more than 320 hectares (the aim of the EU is no more than 250 hectares). Slovakia does not reach good results in bioproducts consumption. There exists strong dependence of average income on level of bioproducts consumption in countries of the EU. It is a reason why countries with higher average income (Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, and Sweden) are on the top in this ranking.


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