Corporate success, firm's profit, creating internal attributes of organization, competitiveness of firm, also corect functioning of firm are influenced by well established corporate culture on a large scale. It can help to gain strategic aims in organizations, which realize its importance. According to opinion of some authors, the excellent corporate culture is "the spirit" of an organization. It is a part of enterpreneur's core competitiveness but it is also a base of core competencies. This article is focused on identification and revelation of problems during the formation process of corporate culture. The identification of problems was realized through questionnaire at the sample of 78 respondents in selected set of companies. The result of this research has shown that certain specific problems, such as "buying of own people" (78 % of respondents answered that rewarding is not fair), "punishment" (more than 1/3 of respondents think that work environment is not open for new ideas) or "copying of culture" (more than 1/3 of respondents answered that they do not feel comfortable in existing culture) still appear when the formation of corporate culture is in progress.


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