In terms of total production as well as yields per acre the Yam (Dioscorea spp.) is the most important root-crop in Jamaica and a major component of the sub-sector commonly designated "Domestic agriculture." In 1962 this sub-sectôr contributed %15.5 million to the GDP. By 1972 this had increased to #24.9 million having achieved an annual growth rate of 5·4% while the agricultural sector as a whole grew at only 3*2% per annum and the economy as a whole achieved a growth of 5*3%· Yam production over the period 1965 - 1972 represented between 50$ (1965) and 6 ( 1 9 6 8 ) of the production of the major root-crops grown in Jamaica including sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes and others, and averaged 50$ over the period· Production of Yams rose from 56.6 thousand tons in 1965 to 164,000 tons in 1972.


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