Crop information relevant to weed control and weeds prevalent in peanut plantings are mentioned. Pre-planting and post-planting weed control treatments are discussed. Prior to planting attention should be focussed on effective control of perennial weeds and proper soil cultivation in order to reduce potential weed regeneration. Subsequently an adequate preemergence herbicide treatment should be practiced in preference to mechanical control to combat weeds in the crop. However, no herbicide treatment has been found for season-long control under the prevailing weather conditions in Suriname. Of the herbicides tested alachlor (1.70 — 2.60 has proven to be most appropriate. Very clean fields at harvest are obtained if hilling is practiced at about 4 weeks after sowing in addition to pre-emergence herbicide use. In general no adverse effects on the crop have been recorded, neither quantitatively nor qualitatively, following proper pre-emergence herbicide use. Compared with mechanical weeding, either by hand-hoe or machine equal or better yields have been obtained, the effect of hilling being slightly beneficial at best. Time recordings have shown that the total labour requirement for the traditional method of land preparation, weeding and hilling can be reduced from about 700 man hours/ha to 80-100 man hours/ha if small machines and herbicides are used. x=?t : kg active ingredient per ha


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