A field trial to evaluate fruit yield responses of two banana cultivars 'Robuste' and 'Giand Cavendish' to three levels of irrigation and a non-irrigated: cor[ trol was conducted on Soucis clay loam in St. Lucia. The results:štowthat Potential fruit yield responses of each of the two cultivars to irrigation were not significantly différent and maximum yield increase with irrigation were 5, 1.7.5 and 13 per cent for the first second and third crops respectively. The susceptibility of each cultivar to wind damage increased with irrigation but 'Giant Cavendish' was less susceptible than 'Robusta' at ail levels of irrigation. Mainly on account of its lower susceptibility to wind damage, the harvested yield of 'Giant Cavendish1 exceeded 'Robusta' on the average by 0.5, 9.1 and 3.8 tonnes per hectare in the first, second and third crops.


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