The production and quality of Valencia sp. peanuts were evaluated in a spacing trial of semi-systematic design involving treatments of all possible combinations of 3 intra-row spacing 5, 10, 15 cm and 3 row widths 30, 45, 60 cm. Reducing row widths proved more economical in the use of seed than increasing the seed rate per unit length of row. Special arrangement was more important than population per unit area in determining yield. The ratio of the dimensions of the inter-and intra-row should not be great for optimum utilization of the area's resource. Closes intra-row spacing than 15cm caused such severe compétition that mortality of seedlings increased and pod number per plant decreased, although the grade of nuts was not affected. A population of 215,000 per hectare spaced 30 χ 15 cm was optimal for Valencia.


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