In this research the effects of floods on crops assessed. Flood is a natural hazard which effect on crops. Due to drastic change in the climatic condition the hazard of flood enhance which devastate the property of the farmers and their agricultural lands alongside the river. This study carried out along the river Jhelum. For this research primary and secondary method was used to collect the data from the farmers who had their agriculture lands in the study area. The secondary data was obtained from Agriculture Extension Department Jhelum. Three hundred farmers were choosed for sampling. To collect the data questionnaire was developed. The questionnaire was in open and close ended form. There were fifteen union councils which laying along the river. For collecting the data stratified random sampling technique was used. After the collection of data SPSS software was utilized and descriptive statistical analysis performed. During the interview ninety percent farmers replied that floods effects on the crops production while ten percent farmers were against from them they replied that flood is a blessing for agriculture land.


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