Pig Farming is India growing very fast and northeast part is very predominant in this. Even though India has huge pig population but still there is lack of knowledge towards the best management practices of pig farming. In India there is a time from March until September where temperature got up to 45 degree and cause enormous effect on growth and well being of human as well animal species. In dairy and Poultry sector various approaches are made to reduce the impact of heat stress especially by manipulating diet with substitutes which can control or eliminate heat stress. Alphacool is one such product marketed by Alphafacts health solution BVBA which claimed to be effective in Heat stress. In this Trial study Alphacool is supplemented in pig diet and two groups were measured for growth performance comparision and feed intake related parameters. The Field Trial was done for 95 days and at end of trial it was observed that group which was supplemented with Alphacool have higher body weight as well daily gain as compare to the group which does not have Alphacool in diet. Hence it is recommended that Alphacool (a herbal Suppliment) have beneficial effect in controlling heat stress in Swine Species.


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