This paper mainly discussed the operation benefits of fruit dealers in farm market. Taking fruit dealers in Shizishan Street Farm market in Wuhan City as the research object, this paper introduced current operation situation of fruit dealers and made a descriptive statistical analysis on characteristics of operators, operation situation, and cognitive status. Besides, it introduced the concept of net cost-benefit ratio to reflect the operation benefits. From further analysis on the operation benefits of fruit dealers, it found that there is little difference in the cost-benefit ratio between dealers in the farm market. The average net cost-benefit ratio was 11.94%. Specifically, if the total cost is 100 yuan, the dealer can obtain 12 yuan net profit. In order to find out how cost factors affect the operation benefits, it established a regression model for cost factors and net cost-benefit ratio. According to the survey results, when the wholesale cost increases 10000 yuan, the cost-benefit ratio will increase by 1.454 percentage points, thus increasing the wholesale investment is helpful for increasing the net cost-benefit ratio; when the loss cost increases 10000 yuan, the cost-benefit ratio will increase by 7.501 percentage points, thus the dealers can increase the operation benefits through controlling the loss cost and reducing the operation cost. Finally, it came up policy recommendations from the perspective of government and operators.


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