This paper examines the effect of the poor road transportation network on crop production in one of the rural agrarian local government of Kwara State, Nigeria. A well-structured interview schedule was conducted to elicit information from 120 crop farmers using a two-stage sampling technique. Findings from the study revealed that the poor road transportation network in their area had led to a reduction in their income, longer time in transporting produce to more buoyant markets, as well as incurring high transportation costs. Chi-square analysis revealed that there was a significant relationship between age, educational level, years of farming experience, and the respondents’ perceived effects of poor road transportation network for their crop production. The study recommends an urgent intervention from government and stakeholders in terms of construction and rehabilitation of roads in these rural agrarian areas in an attempt to help improve the livelihoods of the farmers through enhancing transportation of produce to more buoyant markets in good condition and at less cost.


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