In this study, qualitative land suitability evaluation was made for research station of East Azarbaijan, for tomato, potato, onion and bean. The study was done using Simple Limitation Method (SLM), Limitation Method regarding Number and Intensity (LMNI) and Parametric Methods (PM) such as the square root and the Storie methods. The results from different methods indicated that the most important limiting factors are Organic Matter (OM), salinity and sodicity and calcium carbonates, either alone or in combination. Evaluation indicated that the (SLM) and (LMNI) mainly show similar suitability classes, but Parametric methods especially square root method which it's results revealed to be more realistic show different suitability classes in many cases. According to the square root method, the area can be recommended as marginally suitable for cultivation of tomato and potato and expected to yield about 40-65% of optimal production.


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