The study was conducted to determine the effective factors in nutritional management knowledge and design a proper educational plan for broiler farmers in Garmsar Township. The used methodological approach was descriptive-correlation. Eighty-eight questionnaires were collected and analyzed of 98 broiler farmers active in Garmsar. The content and face validity of the questionnaires and reliability of analysis were respectively specified and calculated according to guide, and Cronbach Alpha coefficient was calculated α=0.86 for the whole using SPSS software. Results indicated that role of extension methods in increasing the knowledge was very low to very high between the different methods. The correlation analysis indicated significant and positive relationships for farm capacity, income level, exhibitive educational methods and survey of modern farms with thefarmers’ knowledge. Results of multiple regression analysis as step by step indicated that two variables of exhibitive and survey educational methods explain significantly 56.2 percentages of the total variance. Therefore, the regression equation was: the plan = 0.664 (Exhibitive method) + 0.292 (Survey method). In conclusion, best educational plan is education of appropriate literatures with emphasis on the priorities via best methods especially exhibitive and survey methods.


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