This study concerns determining the factors that may influence the communication skill of those university teachers involved in the field of agricultural sciences in Iran. Accordingly, based on a cross-sectional survey method, a conceptual model of communication skill has been devised through reviewing the related literature. Next, the model was revised by the expert panel of the study into a seven-factor model with 58 variables. Then, this revised model was transformed into a questionnaire. Once the expert panel studied, revised and at last confirmed the questionnaire, it was submitted to the subjects, around 234 university teachers of agricultural sciences selected randomly from some main universities in Iran. In order to run Explanatory Factor Analysis (EFA), the obtained data were analyzed by SPSS software (version 16.00). Consequently, EFA explained three factors such as naturalness, eloquentness and emotionalness as the main effective ones on teaching agriculture in the universities of Iran. Finally, it is worth mentioning that naturalness comprised six variables, eloquentness was consisted of eight variables and emotionalness concerned three variables.


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