The value proposition is intended to solve a problem or meet a customer's need. This implies that the value proposition is a series of advantages that an agribusiness offers its customers. Every company integrates a set of interrelated activities, such as product design, procurement of productive resources, programming and commissioning of production, personnel management, logistics operations and product distribution to customers, including other. In turn, the company gains a competitive advantage to the extent that performs at a lower cost and more efficiently than its competitors, in those chain activities that are strategically important. In the value chain are considered different processes / activities, where it is desirable for each process costs quantified and its value drivers are identified, which generates a strategic landscape that demands make efforts to add value and control costs (Fernandez, 2006). The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact that the value chain of production of distilled agave in Gross Profit, considering the costs of the activity of the same production process, from the continued cultivation to packaging for distribution .


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