Field experiments designed to evaluate the effect of applied Nl5 and N, and bagasse (crushed stalk residue of sugarcane) mulch on N uptake and yield of maize were conducted during a 24-month period. The results indicated that the efficiency of use of the applied (NHZ)ZCO-N and (NHZ)ZCO-N fertilizers could be as high as 45.07. to 105.37. of the added N and that mulching has a beneficial effect >n accumulation of N in the maize plant during the dry season. During the wet' season, use of mulch resulted in water-logging and created alternating anaerobic soil conditions. Significantly (P=0.05) greater amounts of N were accumulated in plants in the unmulched fertilized plots compared to the uptake by plants in the mulched fertilized plots. In both harvests, use of fertilizer resulted in significantly (P=0.05) greater uptake of N and grain yields. Use of mulch also resulted in significant (P=O.05) increases in grain yield during the dry season, however, during the rainy season mulch had no significant effect on grain yield.


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