Two trialsoOn integrated weed control on drip-irrigated peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) were carried out in 1985. In the first experiment the herbicides napropamide, diphenamid and bensulide were used either alone or with manual weeding or mechanical cultivation. Mechanical cultivation was also integrated with manual weeding. highest yields were obtained with napropamide plus manual weeding; bensulide plus manual weeding; and with handweeding. All other integrated treatments produced significantly lower yields. Poor yields were obtained from the sole-herbicide treatments. Pepper yields were negatively and significantly correlated with the dry weight of weeds per m-2. In the second experiment, mulching with coffee leaves, sugarcane trash, rice straw or silver-coated black plastic were used either alone or with chemical or manual weeding. The highest pepper yields, in descending order, were obtained with rice straw mulching plus manual weeding; silver-coated black plastic plus manual weeding; and silver-coated black plastic alone. Poor yields resulted with all mulching materials when combined with glyphosphate. Pepper yields were again highly correlated with dry weight of weeds per m2.


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