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Non-traditional export crops were grown following a sequence in Ultisols and Oxisols which occur extensively throughout the Caribbean Region. The soils were limed to pH values ranging from less than 5.0 to more tharl 6.5. Green beans, cabbage, taniers and yams appeared to be quite sensitive to soil acidity factors. Tomato yields were not markedly affected until pH dropped to 4.6 with 45% Al saturation. Pigeonpeas barely responded to liming in Oxisols, but responded strongly in Ultisols. Soil acidity factors have no effect on yields of plantains on either groups of soils. Lime requirements should be based on exchangeable Al rather than on pH. Any program geared to increase crop production levels on acid soils of the Caribbean must be based on the use of complete technological packages of practices of which lime is an essential component.


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