The cultivation of yams in the Caribbean area confronts problems which are fairly common to many situations. Among the less costly paths for solving these, are adapted varieties. The Plant Breeding laboratory of INRA, based in Guadeloupe, is organizing a network of yam variety experimentation with the cooperation of different institutions (CARDI, Ministries of Agriculture). Two cultivars of D. alata tolerant to anthracnose have been sent and were experimented on in 1985. The results of this cooperation are encouraging. ----- La culture des ignames dans la region caraibe recontre des problemes largement communs a beaucoup de situations. Une des voies les moins coliteuses pour y repondre est l'utilisation de varietes adaptees. Le laboratoire INRA d'Amelioration des Plantes base a la Guadeloupe en treprend, avec le concours de differents organismes (CARDl, Minsiteres de l'Agriculture), la mise en oeuvre d'un reseau d'esperimentation varietale. Deux cu1tivars de D. alata tolerants a l' anthracnose on tete diffuses et experimentes en 1985. Les premiers resultats de cette cooperation incitent a la developper.


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