Розвиток інноваційної інфраструктури аграрного виробництва Львівської області

Innovative infrastructure of agrarian production in Lviv Area and basic problems of its development are investigated. On the basis of the conducted cluster analysis in the article six optimum areas are offered clusterizations of agricultural production, which are certain after the criterion of balanced cluster educations. The first area of clusterization is most suitable for development of plant-grower. In particular, in four its districts, almost fourth part of plant-grower products is concentrated in the permanent costs of 2010 year. The second area of clusterization can be identified as mainly stock-raising, as its localization in the districts of foot-hill of area creates favourable terms for the production of meat and milk goods. The third area can be attributed to balanced stock-raising-plant-grower straight, with development of agriculture, oriented to the sale of products to the cities, above all things in Lviv. The fourth area of clusterization can be considered mainly plant-grower-oriented with simultaneous development of the suckling cattle breeding. The fifth area of clusterization, as marked already, can be identified as innovative oriented with predominance of stock-raising and production of goods on an export. A sixth (mountain) area of clusterization is the least suitable for development of agriculture (except for the milk and meat cattle breeding). The applied approach is based on the account of ten key indexes which characterize potential of agricultural production development in each districts of Lviv Area: products of plant-grower are in all categories of economic agents; products of stock-raising are in all categories of economic agents; area of agricultural lands which are engaged in an agricultural production area of plough-land of economic agents which are engaged in an agricultural production; sowing areas are in all categories of economic agents; a quantity of cattle is in all categories of economic agents; a quantity of pigs is in all categories of economic agents; quantity of poultry; middle amount of inhabitants in the districts area, and also middle annual yield of milk per cow in agricultural enterprises. Six areas of clusterizationcan be outlined it is possible to identify and on a geographical sign, depending on the place of their localization within the limits of area territory: the first area is north-eastern; the second area is a foot-hill; the third area is western; a fourth area is east; a fifth area is north-western; a sixth area is mountain. The areas of clusterization offered in the article will be instrumental in growth of efficiency of functioning of agrarian enterprises, and also realization of them, economic potential.

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Development of innovation infrastructure of agricultural production Lviv area
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Jun 20 2017
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Journal Article
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Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal, 3, 2
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O31; O39; Q13; Q15

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