The organic market in Ukraine is actively developing. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of farms that are engaged in the production and marketing of such products. The area under cultivation of organic agricultural products is increasing. At the same time, on the domestic market organic products are produced by farms of various organizational and legal forms of management. The subjects of organic market in Ukraine are analyzes in the article. In particular, the main forms of management in the agrarian sector are determined, the analysis of existing forms of management in the production and marketing of organic products is carried out, the priority areas for specializing in the production of organic products have been determined, taking into account their organizational and legal forms of management. The results of the conducted studies show that less expensive types of organic agricultural products are produced mainly in medium-sized enterprises of collective organizational form. In turn, labor-intensive types of organic products, in particular: potatoes, vegetables, milk, meat, are produced mainly by small-scale business entities. In the future, small-scale producers of organic products will provide food for local consumers, and medium-sized farms will contribute to filling the domestic market and form batches of products for sale abroad.


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