Puerto Rico has been successfully exporting mangoes to the European market for the past three years. In 1986, 1407 tonnes were exported. Major producers/exporters are: Fruits Int'l Inc.; Huertos del Caribe 1nc. and ISPRAC Inc.; with 200, 320 and 69 hectares respectively; each producer marketing their fruits independently. Extending the harvest period from late April to early September could be important, since several mango varieties are available. Management and production technologies vary in each particular case. The Mango industry is characterized by high investment, high level technology and high yields of excellent quality. At present the mango produced in Puerto Rico can enter European markets without restrictions except for Spain. However, they are not permitted to enter the mainland United States markets until an acceptable treatment for fruit fly control is validated under local conditions. During 1986 a shipment of irradiated mangoes from Puerto Rico was permitted to enter the United States at Miami, Florida. Consumer acceptance was monitored. American consumers reacted positively to the irradiated mangoes. The economic feasibility of mango irradiation has yet to be determined.


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