The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has established about 60 pesticide tolerances on peppers. However, only 5 pesticides have specific tolerances on bell peppers and 3 on Bohemian, Chili and Tabasco peppers. In Puerto Rico, common non-bell peppers such as Cubanelle , Blanco del Pais, Key Largo Hybrids, sweet cherry, and Jalapeño are grown commercially. More than fifteen field trials were conducted in Puerto Rico to develop efficacy, yield and residue data with several pesticides . The pesticides were either applied to the soil or to the foliage to obtain treated crop samples for pesticide residue determinations. Data on pesticide residue for fluazifo-p butyl, fenamiphos , oxamyl, benomyl, acephate, and permethrin on non-bell pepper samples collected in Puerto Rico are discussed and compared to data on bell and non-bell peppers grown in continental USA. Regulatory status of fluazifop-butyl fenamiphos, oxamyl, acephate, permethrin and benomyl on non-bell peppers are discussed . Potential pesticides for pest and disease control on non-bell peppers grown in the Caribbean Basin are identified.


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