Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) plants grown in field plots were evaluated for response to nitrogen fertilizer (applied as urea) at levels of O, 56, 112, 169, and 225 kg N/ha. The fertilization rates were divided into three equal applications, the first after transplanting and the others following the first and second harvests. The highest yield of fresh and dry thyme for the first harvest was obtained for the 112 kg N/ha treat11ent but these yields did not differ significantly from the yields of the 56 and 169 kg N/ha treatments. There was a drastic: decline in yield of fresh thyme for the 112 kg N/ha treatment in the second harvest (4.7 t/ha) when compared to the first harvest ( 10.0 t/ha). Cumulative fresh and dry matter yields for the three harvest showed that the 112 and 169 kg N/ha treatments were superior to the O kg N/ha treatment.


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