This paper seeks to outline a data analysis system for the Farm and Home Management Record Book which was developed to assist farmers in the region. The system is computerized since relatively rapid feed back is necessary in order that farmers may utilize the results of the analysis in farm and home planning and management. The system has been developed using Lotus 123. Templates with formulae have been set up so that once the basic information on expenses and income is put into the relevant columns, there is an automatic calculation of the income and expenses for each enterprise. In addition, there is an automatic calculation of the farm's overall income statement. A similar template has been developed to compute a cash flow statement for farmers. A set of data bases has been created at UWI using dBase3 with the expectation of collecting information from each country for comparative analysis, It is essential to note that this system, while quite advanced, is still in the development stage and as it is used, it is expected that suggestions and comments will be submitted to further improve the system.


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