Kudzu (Pueraria lobara) poses a st:riotL,; threat to the timber industry in the southern United States and mdhods to control its growth are conslllntly being sought to improw forest management. Angora goat production is increasing in Alabama and are currently being used as biological control of l,."Udzu in infested timberlands. Dalll obtained during the past three growing seasons show that angora goats can be raised on kudzu-infested forest lands, produce high quality mohair and control competing vegetation. While angora goats are able to control such pcrsisknt weeds as kudzu, they allow pine seedlings to develop more rapidly thereby producing more timber. Furthermore, angora goats do not have to be provided supplemental feed since kudzu, a warm-season legume, can prov.ide nutrients adequate for growth and mohair production. It is now possible that by introducing angora goats in a forest management system, the farm family can generate additional income to augment the long-term investment in timber production.


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