Yield Evaluation of Sweet Potato Cultivars in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Several sweet potato (lpomoea batatas (L.) Lam) cultivars were field planted in a series of gennplasm evaluation trials in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The objective of these trials was to identify and select suitable cultivars for local production based upon yield, sweet potato weevil (SPW) tolerance, growth-vigor and culinary qualities. Cultivars evaluated were obtained from the USDA-Tropical Agriculture Research Station (TARS) in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; St. Kitts; South Florida and local farmers in St. Croh. There was a tendency for high-yielding cultivars to have a higher percentage_ of storage roots infested by SPW. In Experiment 1, Miguela and Toquesita produced the highest total -yields, while Toquesita had the highest marketable yield. Seventy nine percent of the storage roots produced by Miguela were damaged by SPW. Colorette, Perla, Agata and Amarista produced the highest total yield in Experiment 2. Colorette also produced the highest (P<0.05) quantity of marketable storage roots. Agata and Amarista suffered high levels of SPW damage. In Experiment 3, Twelve Prime produced the highest total (P<0.05), and marketable yields. Trompo Negro also produced a relatively good marketable yield. Of the cultivars evaluated in Experiment 4, Violjl, Tapato and SUMy were the best yielding in terms of total storage roots (19.5, 16.4 and 14.3 ton/ha, respectively) and mar)cetable storage roots (16.2, 14.2 and 13.1 ton/ha, respectively). Pi(ladito produced the largest (P < 0.05) storage roots, weighing an average of 438 g. In Experiment 5, Perla, Viola, Tapato and SUMy had the highest yields of sweet potato 'Storage roots, while SKB-4,· CS-2 and SKB-2 had the highest foliage yield. Tapato produced the largest sweet potatoes (438

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Aug 09 1992
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Conference Paper/ Presentation
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