The effects of reduced tillage. spacing and rates of fertilizer on yield and yield components ofEddoes (Co/ocasia antiquorum) were investigated in two Experiments. In Experiment l the response of yield and yield components to fertilizer rates and systems of cultivation were studied. Marketable yield increased significantly with reduced tillage and high rates of fertilizer applications compared to the traditional method of ploughing and banking. The reduced tillage operations. in addition to conserving the soil, was less labour intensive and reduced the cost of production. In Ex1>eriment 2 the effects of closer intra-row spacing and system of cultivation on marketable yield and yield components were evaluated The results showed that reduced intrarow spacing from 90cm to 15cm significantly increased marketable yields in eddoe without affecting cormel size or quality. Validation of the results on larger plots with economic analysis showed that closer intra-row spacing of 30cm established with minimum tillape and using fertilizer rates of l. 6 t ha-1 improved productivity (321 ha- ) compared to traditional prodluction SY.Stems (l7t ha-1 ). Cost of production was reduced by E.C. $0.25 kf1


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