Different stages of vegetative maturity influence rooting potential of sten-i cuttings. Oregano is in high demand in the international herb market. Four experiments were conducted in spring and fall of 1990 and I 991 to: 1) detennine optimum stem maturity stage for cutting propagation of Caribbean oregano (Lippia micromera S. ), and 2) determine seasonal differences in its rooting capabilities. Hardwood main stems, hardwood secondary sterns, softwood stem tips, and semi-hardwood stern tips were plac_ed upright in perlite using a hotbed. Bottom heat temperature was 28°C for all exp. At 21 days, shoot growth (SG), and root length (RL) ratings and rooting percent data showed highly significant difference between stem cuttings. Softwood stem tips gave plants with the best shoot growth and root system regardless of the season. Increased wood maturity negatively influenced rooting potential for fall propagated cuttings.


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