Self-incompatibility in yellow passion fruit (Passijlora edulisf flavicarpa) hinders the selection of a single high yielding variety (HYV). Selection and evaluation efforts, initiated in 1989; for 3 years in Dominica by MOA-IICA-CARDI (M-1-C) on 28 farms have identified 9 lines which show consistent desirable characteristics in terms of fruit size, yield, juice content and quality, number of seeds, and freedom from pest and disease. This paper presents a model used in the selection and evaluation of the HYV fruits, and the maintenance of a germplasm bank using selections propagated vegetatively and by F 1 seedlings. Physiological and phenological characteristics, yield and yield components of selected lines are highlighted. A program to produce, distribute and monitor a composite (M-1-C selection) with high yield seed and juice quality to farmers is also discussed.


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