A container experiment was conducted to determine the effects of two plant growth regulators, gibberellic acid 3 (GA3) and the cytokinin, N-phenylmethyl -lH-purine 6-amine (PMPA), on the growth and yield of "Criollo Rojo" chive (Allium fistulosum L ). Both regulators were applied by bulb immersion during 24 hours just before planting, using 0,1, 10, 100 and 1000 ppm solutions of both regulators. There was no significant effect of the regulators on the number of days from planting to plant emergence. Bulb dry and fresh weight were significantly higher in plants treated with 10 and 100 ppm of GA; and 10 ppm of PMPA, as compared to the other treatments tested. Dry weight accumulation in the leaves and plant height were significantly higher at 10 and 100 ppm of Ga3 According to these findings, immersion treatment with these regulators resulted in significant growth and yield improvement at 10 ppm PMPA and 10-100 ppm GAr Lower or higher rates were not effective.


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