The paper presents the role of consulting and information services in relation to the development of agribusiness. In the era of free market economy, without the support of business development there is no way to pursue the objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy, which speaks about diversification of sources of income for farm families by creating non-agricultural jobs and innovativeness of their agricultural production. An example of the support mechanisms promoting access to consulting services for rural dwellers are the activities that finance the costs incurred in this respect for the beneficiaries. One of such activities was the use of consulting services by farmers and forest owners, implemented under the RDP 2007-2013. Results demonstrated great interest of the beneficiaries; within five years of recruitment, the number of applications (NOA) was 63 899. As a result, after verification 71.78% of applications (i.e. 45 864) received financing. The projects in the area of provision of free consulting and information services are taken up also by institutions promoting the development of Polish business, the so called consulting points. The paper presents the partial results of the project dedicated to providing services for the development of entrepreneurship by the selected Local Consulting Point in Małopolskie Voivodship. Implementation of the project allowed 4358 beneficiaries from Małopolskie to use the consulting and information services. 32% of these enterprises were based in rural areas.


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