Households are not only the subject that substantially influences natural environment but also an entity influenced by nature. The ways of understanding this influence are related to environmental awareness of farm managers as well as household members. Natural environment values are undoubtedly a factor that has a significant effect on the quality of life of households. Aiming to improve the quality of life as well as environmental quality in households, renewable energy sources, especially solar collectors, have been used more and more frequently. The main objective of this paper is to clearly indicate the impact of using solar collectors as an example of renewable energy sources on the subjective perception of the quality of life of households. To achieve the objective questionnaires were conducted in a group of 50 households of Wisznice Municipality (Lubelskie province). Wisznice Municipality is one of five acting within the scope of Zielawy Valley partnership agreement . Cooperation enabled municipalities to receive financial support from the EU, inter alia, for the project “Clean energy in Zielawa Valley” (support to installing solar collectors).


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