The aim of this paper was to present the spatial differentiation of the level of support for agriculture development and rural areas by EU funds offered under the selected measures of the Rural Development Programme from the financial perspective years 2007-2013. The analysis was based on figures from the Local Data Bank. The paper presents the rankings describing the scale of funds raised and the number of beneficiaries in individual province, followed by an analysis of the correlation between the selected funds raised from the RDP and the characteristics describing the level of agricultural development. Studies have shown that the greatest benefits from EU funds have had entities from the province of Mazovia and Wielkopolska, and the scale of the funds obtained had a big impact on the value of capital expenditure incurred on fixed assets in agriculture, to improve the productivity of resources, as well as growth in gross domestic product per capita. An important result of the impact of EU funds was also an increase of entrepreneurship in rural areas measured by the number of entities registered in the REGON register.


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