The aim of the work is to identify and characterise selected initiatives of cooperative banks in terms of nature conservation realised within the strategy of corporate social responsibility as well as to determine the recognition degree of those activities by potential recipients. The analysis encompassed cooperative banks running their activities in the Malopolskie province (41 banks). The evaluation covered the initiatives undertaken in 2015. In order to determine the recognition degree of banks activities by consumers field studies were simultaneously carried out on a group of 350 dwellers of the Malopolskie Province. In compiling empirical material structure indicators as well as nonparametric chi-square test (?2) were applied. On the basis of the conducted analysis it might be ascertained that the sector of cooperative banks in Poland is undertaking various actions in nature conservation. The initiatives are connected mainly with internal banks economy and offering banks products which enable to finance environmental initiatives. The highest recognition degree of the activities undertaken by cooperative banks within nature conservation was represented by bank-conscious people as well as villagers.


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