The meteorological early-warning loudspeaker is a specific initiative for the meteorological departments to address the issues concerning issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers. Its significance is that it can promptly deliver the early-warning information concerning some meteorological disasters (such as torrential rains, typhoons, cold wave, hail) to the areas affected, so as to provide reference and protection for agricultural production and effectively reduce the loss of agricultural producers. Up to now, the meteorological early-warning loudspeakers in Benxi have covered the villages. However, due to irregular occurrence of meteorological disasters, the listeners will turn off the information receivers of meteorological early-warning loudspeakers when they fail to receive meteorological information for a long time, so that the users can not promptly know the early-warning information regarding some sudden meteorological disasters. In view of this, the meteorological departments have introduced a series of management measures, such as the daily use of loudspeakers to publish weather forecast information, aimed at improving the online rate and usage rate of meteorological loudspeakers. And the management platform for online rate of meteorological early-warning loudspeakers is an important part of the management system.